What, a MESS!

Welcome to the Munich Earth Skience School


An article on the winter school and the SKIENCE concept was published in the Munich University Magazine (in German), accessible here.

A Movie about a previous school can be seen here.


skience[skaiens] n

1. The systematic study of nature and skiing and the behaviour of the material and mountainous universe based on observation, measurement, and training. 2. The knowledge and joy so obtained or the practice of obtaining it. 3. Any particular branch of this knowledge and skills: the pure and applied skiences. 4. Any body or knowledge organized in a systematic manner. 5. Skill or technique. 6. Archaic, knowledge, related to old English scid, piece of old split wood. (Source: VVOED, Very, Very Old English Dictionary).

"The best lunch break at a meeting I ever had" (Adam Ringler, Albuquerque)