1st Munich Earth Skience School

Berghotel Sudelfeld
February 20-25, 2011


Scope: This year the Munich Earth Skience School (MESS) focuses on training of advanced tools in seismology. In addition to an introduction to basic concepts the idea is to get started with the ObsPy, Seissol, and Ses(c)3D software. The training is dedicated to researchers in seismology interested in forward and inverse modeling of seismic wave propagation and the use of python-based tools to analyse and visualize seismograms and wavefields. MESS is organized in connection with the QUEST (www.quest-itn.org), TOAST,  MAC (http://www.mac.tum.de, B3), and Exupery projects.  More...

Practical information: Lectures, practicals will be given from 8-11 and after 3pm (open end). Between 11 and 3 (depending on conditions, winter sports facilities can be used, www.sudelfeld.de).

Costs: 400 Euro (incl. 5 days half pension, conference facilities, tuition, software). Arrival Sunday 20/2 leaving Fri 25/2 (lunch time). The number of participants is limited to ~30. First come, first serve basis. The area can be reached by train from Munich Airport. A shuttle service might be available. Winter sports utilities rental is possible.

Evaluation: The course was evaluated by the participants.

Future: MESS will continue! In 2012 the Earth Skience School will take place from March 11-16. Please mark you calenders. Programme will be published in summer.

The deadline for registration has passed.

If you have any questions please contact Heiner Igel ().