3rd Munich Earth Skience School

Berghotel Sudelfeld
March 10-15, 2013

The course is fully booked. List of accepted registrations can be found here. All participants, please provide your arrival information through this form no later than March 1.


Scope: In 2013 we will continue to offer training on the ObsPy python library (www.obspy.org) giving a general introduction, and discussing new features such as ObsPyDMT and others. A common problem in seismology is an efficient archiving of seismic event data or other information in a relational data base. We will offer an introduction to the SeisHub data base (www.seishub.org). More technically, SeisHub is a novel xml-sql hybrid database approach created for archiving, processing, and sharing geophysical data and meta data, particularly adapted for seismology. The simplest way to access the data base is therefore a www browser. Today, many projects in seismology involve the calculation of synthetic seismograms. Ideally, one should store and format these data in the same way as observations, to allow full integration in the data analysis and interpretation work flows. MESS 2013 will walk through such a complete cycle with data access, processing, storage and visualization tools based on the python language. This will be complemented by training on the use of a 3-D spectral element solver (ses3d) for the generation of synthetic seismograms.

MESS  2013 addresses researchers who deal with large seismological or seismic data sets on all scales and seek new ways of solving the data deluge problem. Basic knowledge about the python language and packages helps. Bring your own data! We invite participant to bring their own data and use the processing and archiving tools on these data during the practicals (and beyond). More info with references on the programme pages.

Lecturers, Tutors:
L. Krischer, K. Hosseini, S. Mauerberger, H. Igel, J. Wassermann

Practical information: Lectures, practicals will be given from 8-11 and after 3pm (open end). Between 11 and 3 (depending on conditions, winter sports facilities can be used, www.sudelfeld.de). More info on the winter sport programme can be found here

Costs: 410 € (incl. 5 days half pension, conference facilities, tuition, software). Arrival Sunday 10/3 leaving Fri 15/3 (lunch time). Note that the costs do not cover: lunch, drinks during meals, winter  sports facilities. The number of participants is limited to ~30. First come, first serve basis. The area can be reached by train from Munich Airport (terminal station: Bayrischzell). A shuttle service might be available. Winter sports utilities rental is possible here.

Acknowledgements: The Munich Earth Skience Weeks are training events partially supported by QUEST and VERCE projects funded by the European Union.

If you have any questions please contact Heiner Igel (heiner.igel@lmu.de).