5th Munich Earth Skience School

Berghotel Sudelfeld

February 22-27, 2015

What a MESS! ObsPy meets seismic simulation!

Lecturers/Tutors: Prof. Dr Heiner Igel (LMU), Lion Krischer (LMU), Tobias Megies (LMU), Stephanie Wollherr (LMU)

Practical information: Lectures, practicals will be given from 8-11 and after 3pm (open end). Between 11 and 3 (depending on conditions, winter sports facilities can be used, www.sudelfeld.de). More info on the winter sport programme can be found here.

Costs: 410 € (incl. 5 days half pension, conference facilities, tuition, software). Arrival Sunday 22/2 leaving Fri 27/2 (lunch time). Note that the costs do not cover: lunch, drinks during meals, winter  sports facilities. The number of participants is limited to ~30. First come, first serve basis. The area can be reached by train from Munich Airport (terminal station: Bayrischzell).

Logistics: Please make your way to Bayrischzell Station on Sunday 22nd afternoon, unless you come with your own vehicle. We will provide a shuttle service from the train station to the hotel.

Tentative schedule:

Morning 8-11

Afternoon 15-18

Evening 20-open end

Sun 22 Feb

Arrival - Icebreaker at 18:00 Opening

Mon 23 Feb

Python Introduction

ObsPy Introduction

Tue 24 Feb

Why? - wave equations - numerical methods - discretization - finite-difference method - Taylor operators - Courant criterion  numerical dispersion

acoustic wave equation - numerical anisotropy - heterogeneous models

Bogner Ski night (movies), Ski gynastics with Vorderwülbecke

Wed 25 Feb

Orthogonal functions - interpolation - spectral derviatives - collocation points - cardinal functions - the Fourier method

Free Afternoon - Parallel slalom

Special dinner

Thu 26 Feb

Weak form - Lagrange interpolation - Gauss quadrature - mass and stiffness matrices - the spectral element method

Advection equation - nodal discontinuous Galerkin method - flux schemes

Mulled  wine

Fri 27 Feb

Computational seismology - applications of finite-difference, spectral element, and discontinuous Galerkin methods: strong ground motion, volcanology, global seismology, seismic exploration, full waveform inversion, dynamic rupture.

If you have questions please contact heiner.igel@lmu.de.