6th Munich Earth Skience School

Berghotel Sudelfeld

February 21-26, 2016

Practical information: Lectures, practicals will be given from 8-11 and after 3pm (open end). Between 11 and 3 (depending on conditions, winter sports facilities can be used, www.sudelfeld.de). More info on the winter sport programme can be found here.

Costs: 450 € (incl. 5 days half pension, conference facilities, tuition, software). Arrival Sunday 21/2 leaving Fri 26/2 (lunch time). Note that the costs do not cover: lunch, drinks during meals, winter  sports facilities. The number of participants is limited to ~30. First come, first serve basis. The area can be reached by train from Munich Airport (terminal station: Bayrischzell). Please note that there are only a few single rooms. You are encouraged to offer sharing a double room.

Logistics: Please make your way to Bayrischzell Station on Sunday 22nd afternoon, unless you come with your own vehicle. We will provide a shuttle service from the train station to the hotel.

Tentative schedule:

Morning 8-11

Afternoon 15-18

Evening 20-open end

Sun 21 Feb

Arrival - Icebreaker at 18:00 Opening

Mon 22 Feb

Python Introduction

ObsPy Introduction

Tue 23 Feb

Detection, network design

Locating earthquakes

Bogner Ski night (movies)

Wed 24 Feb

Magnitue estimation, source characteristics

Free Afternoon - Parallel slalom

Special dinner

Thu 25 Feb

Earthquake statistic, completeness, b-values

Python practicals

Mulled  wine

Fri 26 Feb

Applications, Field studies, open issues

More details on programme, logistics will be given in February, 2016. If you have questions please contact heiner.igel@lmu.de.