2nd Munich Earth Skience School

Berghotel Sudelfeld
March 11-16, 2012

Scope: This year the focus of the Winter School will be all aspects of signal processing using python based tools (ObsPy), the estimation of point source characteristics of earthquakes under various conditions (regional, local events or volcanoes), as well as the generation of Green's functions for the retrieval of source information from 1D to 3D Earth models. The lectures - usually given  in the morning session - are complemented by extensive practicals in the afternoon and evenings. Please refer to the programme for more information.

Lecturers: Dr. Joachim Wassermann (LMU), Prof. Torsten Dahm, Dr. Simone Cesca, and Dr. Sebastian Heimann (Univ. of Hamburg), Prof. Chris Bean and  Dr. Ivan Lokmer (UC Dublin)

Practical information: Lectures, practicals will be given from 8-11 and after 3pm (open end). Between 11 and 3 (depending on conditions, winter sports facilities can be used, www.sudelfeld.de).More info on the winter sport programme can be found here

Costs: 410 €(incl. 5 days half pension, conference facilities, tuition, software). Arrival Sunday 11/3 leaving Fri 16/3 (lunch time). Note that the costs do not cover: lunch, drinks during meals, winter  sports facilities. The number of participants is limited to ~30. First come, first serve basis. The area can be reached by train from Munich Airport. A shuttle service might be available. Winter sports utilities rental is possible.

Deadline for registration is February 1, 2012. A fee of 105 € is required upon registration. A safe connection is used for the transfer of credit card details. This amount will be deducted from the overall costs of 410 €.

If you have any questions please contact Heiner Igel (heiner.igel@lmu.de).